Track your keyword rankings over time.

Do your clients need to know how well their domains rank for their target keywords? Do you know the keyword rankings for your own domains?

Now you can easily track any keyword's progression in the search engine rankings over time, providing measurable results that will make you look like the SEO rock star that you are.

Professional Reporting

Easy to read executive summaries as well as detailed reports for you data junkies allow you to quickly and accurately determine how well your website is performing for your targeted keywords over time. View sample report

Global Tracking

We offer the ability to track keywords globally or in 24 countries and across all three major search engines: © Google, © Yahoo and © Bing.

Receive Regular Reports

Our goal is to make your SEO tracking efforts as uncomplicated as possible.

Once you setup your first project, we will email an updated report to you based on the timeframe you choose.